Given what Ste has been through you would think that he more than most should be able to see when he is being manipulated, but no and in a week that saw the radicalisation storyline step up a gear I find myself wondering exactly where this will lead as I don’t think anything Ste does now will make him redeemable.

It appears Harry is keeping secrets from James, after what everything the writers put Harry and Ste through as a couple why not write Harry to actually be honest and actually tell James what is going on? well no because that would be easy.

Brooke and Ollie decided to take the relationship to the next level these scenes were well played out if somewhat of U-turn after the other week. I just wish Ollie had found someone more mature than Darren Osbourne who let’s face it was immature in his trying to help “No wonder I have so many kids” he muttered after helping in condom-related matters.

What the Maaliks are being through by Jonny and his sidekick Stuart is a really hard subject to sit through but really gave Harvey Virdi a chance to shine and it didn’t disappoint.

Imran and Misbah(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Part of me wanted to see the old Imran come out and batter the racists after they abused the family by delivering bacon to their home.

I am honestly surprised Sally hasn’t quit or been forced out of Hollyoaks High yet as there seems to be never-ending trouble, I for one wouldn’t feel safe going there.

Prince Mcqueen was another character I couldn’t stand to watch this week as he was practically begging Liam Donavon to become a drug dealer.



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