Well next week sure doesn’t sound like a quiet week for anyone and with Breda set to strike again just who will be the unlucky victim this time?

A Graceful exit?

Grace Farrah trailer(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Farrah gets a job offer in Canada but doesn’t tell Grace who does want to move as long as it is somewhere in Chester.

Later Grace wants to get a matching tattoo with Farrah. Before Grace gets her tattoo, Farrah tells her about Canada.

Taken for a ride

Harry has borrowed money off James after getting a mysterious text. He goes to meet this person with the cash but when he gets to where his car was parked, it’s not there… He doesn’t report it, as he suspects Romeo has taken it.

Liam finds Mercedes upset and tells her to come with him for some fun. They see Harry’s car and decide to take it for a spin. Whilst driving home, they end up arguing, which leads to the car swerving into some roadworks.

Image3(Picture: Limes Pictures)

Mercedes and Liam regain consciousness. Mercedes is certain they hit someone, and Liam gets out to check. He sees a shoe but kicks it out of sight.

Harry realises Romeo doesn’t have his car and reports it stolen.

Breda strikes again

Mercedes has agreed to chaperone Max on his school trip. She grabs a biscuit tin to bring with her, but Prince has hidden cocaine in it…

Later, Breda takes a mallet and tarpaulin out of the boot of her car, planning an attack on her next victim…Breda hears footsteps, and waits, holding a mallet up about to attack.

Image2(Picture: Limes Pictures)

Later Mercedes asks Breda to help her change her ways.

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Friday 10th May on E4

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