How does Damon propose to Maxine?

We were trying to raise money for a charity that would fund Maxine’s illness, and try to raise money for maybe a private doctor or something along the lines. He thinks it’s a bright idea to sell a cocktail in her name, the “long-legged Maxine”. She then suddenly catches the banner with her arm that has been in a sling for the past couple of weeks. He’s slightly shocked by it. She takes Jack’s medication and faints, and that’s when Damon really sees her struggling and realises how ill she is. She goes into hospital, and then Damon asks her to marry him…

Why is now the time to get married to Maxine?

It’s kind of a weird one how the proposal comes about, and it’s Liberty who really puts the idea in his head. He feels that to make Maxine happy, that he should propose to her, his second proposal…

Does Damon suspect something is wrong after she catches the falling banner with her ‘bad arm’?

He’s not suspicious of it, he’s more confused about what this illness is really all about and why has it just suddenly taken something to fall in front her for her to suddenly move her arm. I think he’s happy more than anything and is hoping she could be getting better.

How does Damon feel about Maxine, does he truly love her?

I think with his mum passing away he feels the need to care for the girl because he thinks he didn’t care for his mum in the right way and wasn’t there for her. This is all in his head that he really needs to keep Maxine happy and make sure she knows how much he loves her, but he’s giving her so much attention anyway.

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How would Damon react if he discovered the truth?

I know it’s a mental illness, but you don’t realise how much it must be messing with Damon’s head. This mental illness is something we have to touch delicately, but it’s not a nice one to everyone around Maxine. It would completely mess with Damon’s head.

How do you hope everyone would react if they found out the truth?

I don’t want it to be obvious, and I don’t want everyone to forgive her so quickly. It’s messing with Damon’s head so much, and there’s a lot on his plate. I’d like him to really go off the rails for a bit, to be honest, but I hope for Maxine’s sake, everyone would start to like her again and accept it.

Who do you think could catch her out?

I’d like Damon to catch her out, but he’s definitely blinded by it all at the minute. I think he needs some more suspicions to push him towards the truth. There have already been a lot of suspicions but it’s all gone over his head.

You’ve had a couple of special guests on set with you recently, Jack Reynolds and Allison Hammond, how was that and what were they like?

They were great. Jack is 107 years old, and it’s a really difficult thing to come in and learn lines for anybody and the fact that he’s done it is so brave and great for him. Allison is such a great fun girl she was having a crack on set with me. She’s very flirty…

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