It’s all sweet and happiness on Monday, unless you are Romeo when James buys Harry a car to show him how grateful he is, Romeo gets the wrong idea and thinks the car is for him.

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After deciding to wait a few weeks ago Ollie and Brooke decide tonight they will lose their virginities. Ollie opens up to Brody about his concerns on having sex after what happened with Buster. Later, Brooke blurts out to Nancy and Kyle that she’s planning on having sex with Ollie.

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Leela is furious when she realises that Ste didn’t delete the recent meme he made, she finds Amir on Facebook. Just as Ste thinks he’ll never see Amir again, Leela takes down his contact details and later meets him, and he explains that she’s got the wrong end of the stick about him. Sami tells Amir that he can help build a court case for him against Stuart and Jonny.

A news bulletin on the radio reveals that Amir and Shahid’s shop has been broken in to. In The Dog, Sami confronts Jonny and Stuart about the attack on the shop. Ste defends them, but Sami brings up Tegan and Ste launches at him.

The trouble continues when Stuart’s son, Sid, attends Hollyoaks High and immediately makes racist comments to Imran. Sid asks Sally if he can talk to her about Imran

Later, Jonny and Ste tell Misbah they’re moving in next door…

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Max tells Breda that he thinks Mercedes hates him, so Breda promises to talk to her. Breda confronts Mercedes and later a familiar face, Nicole Owen, Russ’ sister, returns to the village to see Max. Max decides he wants to leave with her.

Nicole agrees with Mercedes that Max should stay with her. Breda and Mercedes are still at war, but Mercedes does her best to prove to Max that she loves him.

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Hollyoaks air these episodes from Monday’s 6th may on channel 4

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