What happens next week on Hollyoaks?

Next week on Hollyoaks, Romeo gets released from prison, but when he’s about to leave, he’s greeted by Prince who has a gun that he’s stolen from Liam Donovan. Prince takes Romeo to the woods and wants revenge because he blames Romeo for Lily’s death.

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How would Romeo react if he discovered James set up Donna-Marie?

I think he’d want to get her set free straight away because she’s in there wrongfully.

Why did Romeo originally lie to Prince about who Lily truly loved?

That was his last attempt at clinging on to Lily. He didn’t want to let her go. In his mind, he wanted to let her know that he was her one true love. Before she died, Romeo was going back to speak to her. In his mind, he was hoping that she would have said yes to him and they would live happily ever after. He’s had to come to that realisation himself, that his happily ever after wasn’t going to happen.

How does Romeo feel about Lily’s funeral, does he believe he will get closure?

It’s a place to say goodbye. Last time he saw her, they had a brief goodbye, but it wasn’t over.

Does Romeo feel partly responsible for Lily’s death?

I don’t think he really wants to think about it or blame himself, but ultimately, he was the one who she ran away with and turned her back on getting the help she needed. However, he has to understand that it was her decision to run away with him. He didn’t force her to or make her run away.

How does Romeo react when he sees Prince has a gun?

I think that’s when his whole cocky persona drops and he realises his life is actually in danger. That’s when he must drop everything and think fast. In the beginning, Romeo just thinks it’s a threat, but as the conversation goes on, he starts thinking Prince may actually use the gun. He’s getting angrier and angrier.

Romeo’s always been quite scared of Prince, because of the fact that he had an affair with his wife. He knows Prince isn’t going to be best happy with him and now that he’s taken away the chance to say goodbye to his wife, he knows that he’s the most hated person in Prince’s eyes.

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How has he coped in prison?

Not very well at all, it’s not a place he wants to be. He’s surrounded by people who remind him of his past and after having a taste of what his life could be like, with James in a nice house and a nice family, being in a prison cell isn’t where he wants to be.

Will Romeo change his ways after everything that’s happened?

I think that Lily’s death has definitely affected him. He might, for a little bit, cheer up and distract himself, but ultimately, he needs to deal with the pain he’s feeling, otherwise, it could manifest and change.

Would Romeo cause any trouble at Lily’s funeral?

I think Romeo knows that he’s messed up too much already. He just wants to go there to pay his respects and that’s it. I think the struggle for him would be getting people to believe that that’s what he wants. He just wants to say goodbye.

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If you could play any other character, who would it be and why?

To be fair, I quite like Greg’s character, James. He’s sinister, he’s evil but good at the same time, and he always gets such interesting storylines as well.

What’s life like on the Hollyoaks set?

It’s always so much fun, but then we always get our work done when we need to.

Hollyoaks continues Monday on Channel 4


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