It’s a big week ahead in Hollyoaks as Sinead reveals she has been raped by her husband Laurie, and scenes to come have Diane reaching out to the one person who might understand the mind of a rapist, her son Finn.

Longtime viewers may remember that Finn was sent to prison in 2014 for raping his teacher, John Paul McQueen and attempting to rape Nancy Osborne.

EP 4587 JAMES, FINN, DIANE (3).jpg(Picture: Lime Pictures) James tried to ensure Finn remained locked up

When we first see Finn again it’s in prison amid a visit from Diane who wants to get justice for Sinead, but in the months that follow he will be released.

Speaking about rejoining the Hollyoaks cast, Keith said: “I’m so excited to be back, and to be working with the talented Hollyoaks cast and crew again.

“I’m really intrigued to see how Finn, following his time in prison, will integrate back into his family and also back into society.

“I’m looking forward to exploring it, and also still giving the storyline the respect and sensitivity it deserves.”

Viewers won’t have to wait long as his return scenes air in June


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