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This week in Shieldinch… Joe tightens his control over Ruby as their relationship develops dangerously; Alex’s return riles Lenny, who gives his son a sinister ultimatum; and Eve makes her mark as the new GP in town.

When Ruby announces plans to spend the summer in Ibiza with her dad, Joe is irked – determined to keep her close to him. He manipulates Ruby into proving she’s serious about their relationship, so the besotted teenager steals Caitlin’s credit card and books them a hotel room so they can finally get intimate.

With Caitlin completely oblivious, Ruby packs her overnight bag for a fake study sleepover. But at the hotel Ruby starts to have cold feet about sleeping with Joe – but he knows exactly how to comfort her, and how to get what he wants.

Later, when Caitlin discovers Ruby has lied about studying and is booked into a nearby hotel, she turns up with Maggie, demanding answers. However, little does Caitlin realise the extent of the deception, or that her boyfriend Joe is grooming Ruby in plain sight.

Elsewhere, finally free from prison, Alex meets with Lenny to try to reason with his vengeful father. But Lenny isn’t willing to make peace with his son and tells him to end his life in return for Annie and his son’s guaranteed safety.

Hiding her true identity as Shieldinch’s new GP, Eve secretly tests Kim and Suzie’s professionalism, with a little help from Bernie.



Joe is played by Douglas Rankine
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
Alex by Jordan Young
Lenny by Frank Gallagher
Eve by Victoria Liddelle
Caitlin by Gayle Telfer Stevens
Maggie by Kathryn Howden
Kim by Frances Thorburn
Suzie by Juliet Cadzow
Bernie by Barbara Rafferty.

This episodes airs on BBC Scotland, Monday 3rd June 2019 at 10pm


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