River City spoilers: Monday 27th May 2019

This week in Shieldinch… Poppy uncovers new evidence which could overturn Alex’s murder conviction, but he’s reluctant to fight for release; Maggie’s anxious about her nursing hearing; and new arrival Eve Christie clashes with Scarlett.

Fearing her career has hit the buffers following the Murdoch murder case, Poppy is thrilled when she unwittingly discovers new evidence.

Whilst helping her dad Dougie in the charity shop, Poppy comes across a security camera which features footage recorded on the night of Lydia’s murder. Realising it could be the key to Alex’s freedom, Poppy visits him in prison to share her discovery but is horrified by his reaction – he doesn’t want to be freed and she should destroy the evidence.

When Poppy refuses to let go, Alex is forced to reveal the reason he’s serving time for a murder he didn’t commit.

Elsewhere, Maggie’s nursing hearing looms large and she’s having second thoughts about going through with it.

At the health centre, Kim and Suzie create a mock hearing to put Maggie through her paces. When faced with some uncomfortable questions about her alcoholism, Maggie begins to question whether she’s emotionally ready to return to nursing afterall.

New arrival Eve Christie rolls into town and immediately clashes with nosey neighbour Scarlett. The pair butt heads, but Scarlett soon realises Eve is a formidable force to be reckoned with.


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Poppy is played by Lindsey Campbell
Alex by Jordan Young
Maggie by Kathryn Howden
Eve Christie by Victoria Liddelle
Scarlett by Sally Howitt
Dougie by Stewart Porter
Kim by Frances Thorburn
Suzie by Juliet Cadzow.

This episode airs on Monday 27th May on BBC Scotland

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