River City spoilers: Monday 20th May 2019

This week in Shieldinch…Joe manipulates Ruby to get closer to her; the connection between Angus and Dougie’s muggings stirs up Sonny’s suspicions, and facing eviction, Gabriel seeks a new home for the Brodie clan.

After making a move on Joe, Ruby feels awkward around her mum’s boyfriend and threatens to leave Shieldinch. Sensing he needs to up his game to keep Ruby close, Joe takes the day off work to spend time with Ruby under the pretence of helping her study. With Caitlin away for the day at a wine tasting event, Joe seizes the opportunity to spend some alone time with Ruby.

Lavishing attention on her, Joe lures the teenager into kissing him again – and, this time, he reciprocates, much to Ruby’s delight.

Elsewhere, at Angus’ hospital bedside, Sonny tries to piece together information about his nephew’s attack. When Lou suggests there could be a connection between Angus and Dougie’s muggings, Sonny grows increasingly alarmed.

Sonny urges Dougie to help him find Angus’ attacker, little realising his friend is responsible. Fearing Sonny is getting close to the truth, Dougie tries to thwart his suspicions but inadvertently draws attention to his guilt.

Gabriel’s stunned to discover their house has been sold from underneath them. Facing imminent eviction, Gabriel searches for a new home and is thrilled when Bernie offers the Brodies a place to stay. However, Suzie isn’t quite so accommodating.

(Pictures: BBC)

Joe is played by Douglas Rankine
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
Angus by Scott Fletcher
Dougie by Stewart Porter
Sonny by Jimmy Chisholm
Gabriel by Garry Sweeney
Caitlin by Gayle Telfer Stevens
Ellie by Leah MacRae
Bernie by Barbara Rafferty
Suzie by Juliet Cadzow.

This episode airs Monday 20th May on BBC Scotland

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