Next week on Hollyoaks sees Harry face increasing amounts of trouble first from ex-girlfriend Sadie Cressington (Alexa Lee) who once again turns up in the village, then from his boyfriend James Nightingale who discovers what he has been up to behind his back and issues him with an ultimatum.

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More trouble is always just around the corner and as news of Harry’s involvement in the crash that has left Grace Black paralysed spreads like wildfire around the village We could be looking at a return of Gangster Grace as she sets up a plot to kill Harry.

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In an interview with Tamara Wall who plays Grace Black when asked if Grace truly believes that Harry could be responsible for this, she said “I guess at the moment she does as it’s his car and that’s the only thing, she’s got to go on. She’s so angry I think she just wants to blame someone. She has gone through life-changing injuries and feels helpless. All she has is anger and the thought of making someone go through what she has…

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