Hollyoaks spoilers: James and Harry argue as he tries to keep his secret

With Harry Thompson’s (Parry Glasspool) ex-girlfriend Sadie Cressington (Alexa Lee) in the village it’s a case of good versus bad as she is the only one who knows the truth about where he really was the night Grace Black was knocked down by his car.

Next week sees the pair bump into each other again and Harry soon learns that despite being his alibi she hasn’t gone to the police yet, whatever secret she has on him she isn’t letting it go and tells him that she needs a place to stay.

Harry takes her back to his and James flat but has to think quickly when James returns home and as Sadie hides an argument between Harry and James becomes heated.

(Picture: Lime Pictures) Harry and Sadie

Later we see Harry and Sadie meet up in a pub but that is not before James gives Harry an ultimatum.

What has James said and what exactly is Sadie up to?

It isn’t all bad for Harry next week as Tony’s latest business plans require more delivery drivers, so Harry, offers to help.

TONY & HARRY.jpg(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Could this help repair the broken bond that father and son share? 

Hollyoaks air these scenes next week on E4


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