Laurie Shelby was back in the village, a free man after a misplaced lie from Sinead about his first attack on her meant he was released without charge.

EP 5174 - SINEAD LAURIE SIENNA (2)(Picture: Lime Pictures)

After Sinead realised that Laurie was on a school trip the date she said he raped her, she begged Sienna to lie and say that she was on the camping trip with Laurie.

EP 5174 - SINEAD LAURIE SIENNA (8)(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Sienna was advised by her boyfriend Brody and decided to remain truthful but the truth meant Sinead’s story was thrown into doubt.

Laurie’s freedom also means that Sienna now faces seeing him at work and when he came face to face with Sinead he wished her ‘better luck next time’, which left her dreading the thought of running into her rapist husband in the future.

EP 5174 - SINEAD LAURIE SIENNA (4)(Picture: Lime Pictures)

For this storyline, Hollyoaks has been working with RASA Merseyside, who help anyone who has been sexually assaulted or raped.

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow on E4 at 7pm


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