Harry’s secret is under threat next week when his ex Sadie Cressington (Alexa Lee) arrives in the village.

Viewers will already know that the night Grace was hit by his car he was having a secret meeting with someone but due to the clandestine nature of their relationship, Harry has been unable to tell the police where he really was on the night in question and has since been arrested.

Harry is forced to reveal the truth to his paranoid boyfriend, James who is shocked that Harry’s secret ex, is a woman…

Can Harry and James convince Sadie to help them clear Harry’s name, or will she be influenced by other forces in the village?

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Speaking about her arrival, Alex said: “What an absolute pleasure and privilege it is to be joining the show and entering Hollyoaks village.

“The scenes I’ve filmed so far with Parry and Greg have been great fun. I’m super lucky to be working with a brilliant cast and crew who have welcomed me with open arms.

“I’m so excited for Sadie to be on your screens as there’s some big reveals coming up, great storylines and some massive decisions to be made.”

Viewers will meet Sadie for the first time on E4 next Wednesday.

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