Next week is a tough one for The Carter family but they still find time to have a few laughs along the way.

Monday 10th June

Mick and Shirley are less than impressed by Tina’s suggestion that they dress up for the Spice Girls concert. However, when Linda’s mum can no longer babysit, Mick sets off to find a replacement, with Kim eventually agreeing to help.

Tuesday 11th June

Linda grows anxious when Mick goes to Ollie’s appointment and as they talk to the doctor, Mick realises Linda has lied to him and is shocked at the Doctor’s revelation.

Thursday 13th June

Still reeling from the doctor’s feedback about Ollie and despite Linda’s explanation, Mick gives her a hard time. Later, Tina, Linda and Shirley all get in the spirit, dressing up for the concert but Mick refuses to join in. However, disaster strikes on their way when they get a flat tyre. With tensions between Mick and Linda running high, Linda storms off. Shirley tries to talk some sense into her but is surprised when she opens up about Ollie, unaware Mick is eavesdropping. Shirley leaves Mick and Linda to talk, but when they return Shirley and Tina are thrilled Mick’s finally got into the spirt and dresses up as Posh Spice. With the tyre fixed, the Carters head off to the gig.

Friday 14th June

Meanwhile, Linda is thrilled to hear Ollie had a successful playdate with Pearl and arranges another one. Later on, Mick and Linda try to come to terms with what’s going on with Ollie.

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EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 10th June on BBC One

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