Breda Mcqueen (Moya Brady) may look harmless but I sure as hell wouldn’t want to move in with her, let’s hope Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna) sees sense and gets as far away as he can.

Next week sees a loved up Jack excitedly ask Breda to move in with him but it’s clear she isn’t too fond of the idea, (the whole serial killer secret may be the reason #justsaying) She reluctantly says yes, but tries to find any excuse she can to get out of it. Nancy isn’t thrilled either, and confronts Jack about it, Breda puts the blame on her dog, Bronzer saying that he doesn’t like conflict and when she leaves Jack wants some answers.

(Picture: Lime Pictures) Breda, Bronzer and Jack

With Hollyoaks you know It’s only a matter of time before her secrets are revealed and trouble is just around the corner…

Hollyoaks continues tonight at 7 on E4

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