There is a new face in Cwmderi and things will never be the same again.

We first met him early this week when he saved Kelly (Lauren Phillips) from Ed at the side of a cliff. Dylan was the knight in shining armor as Ed fell to his death.

Actor Gareth Jewell who fans of ‘Bang’ may recognize has joined the joined in a very dramatic way and explained “I didn’t just want to turn up – this was a great way to come in to the series – playing the hero,”

(Picture: S4C)

Dylan is wealthy and always has plenty of cash on him but for some reason he is staying on his sister’s sofa in Cwmderi. “He has a quiet way about him, but he is also a bit of a charmer.” Gareth explained

Dylan is likely to rattle some cages and challenge some of the old guard he is very much a ladies man and this will build to a big story towards the end of the year so look out for lots of drama.

Pobol y Cwm continues at 8pm on S4C

By Eastieoaks

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