Lee gets taken for a ride Robert reveals to Aaron he’s going to see Lee. Aaron agrees to join him, believing they can get him to confess to raping Victoria. Robert & Aaron arrive at the car dealership where Lee offers to take them on a test drive…

A panicked Ellis lashes out? Ellis has a panic attack when he spots someone who he thinks is Max. Aaron finds him and tries to comfort him, but Ellis is terrified, and runs off. The next day, Aaron tells a thrown Billy what happened and as a result calls Max to tell him to stay away from his family.

The following day, a threatening message from Max causes Ellis to have another panic attack. Elsewhere, Billy hammers on the door of a house looking for Max, before a lad opens the door and says Max has already gone to find him, leaving Billy alarmed. Back at home, still in the throes of his panic attack a terrified Ellis hears a rattling at the back door. Panicked he picks up a rolling pin…

What’s the history with Graham and Andrea? Graham returns and grabs an anxious Andrea, demanding to know what she is doing there, revealing that they in fact know one another, and have an as yet unclear history together. Andrea begs Graham not to tell Jamie before Kim laments to Graham that if she wants to keep Jamie in her life, she has to accept she’s stuck with Andrea. Later, in the Village, an edgy Andrea questions Jamie about Graham, before heading back to Home Farm, readying herself to face him. When Andrea finally faces off against Graham, how does she know Graham and could he ruin everything for her?

Maya ends up in hospital but is David responsible for it? David is rattled when PC Swirling arrives at the shop, to ask questions about Maya’s attack. Later, Jacob is alarmed to hear Maya has been attacked, and immediately suspects David. Later, David goes to the hospital to confront Maya, where they exchange angry words, just as PC Swirling arrives. Maya admits who attacked her, and Swirling escorts David out, but David is infuriated when he spots Jacob at the hospital. Back at home, Jacob reveals something that sees David’s friends and family start to turn their backs on him. David feels alone but the next day does something that makes things even worse…

Lisa’s may be gone but is still able to help her family. The Dingles discover Lisa’s bucket list but Zak is uneasy when Sam suggests getting Lydia involved. Lydia is left feeling awkward when Sam and Belle leave her and Zak to learn the waltz but Zak offers Lydia a heartfelt apology and the pair happily begin to waltz together. Arriving back Sam and Belle watch Zak and Lydia waltz together, relieved that all is now well between them.

Where there’s a Will there’s a Jai.. Harriet is flustered by Will’s latest message, while Dawn teases her about her cover romance with Jai. Later, a worried Laurel approaches an edgy Harriet and asks her about her contact with Will. Harriet admits that she & Will can’t be together, leaving Laurel appeased and Harriet conflicted. The next day, Will is angry when he hears of Harriett’s ‘romance’ with Jai and furiously grabs him…

Also this week: Amy tries to reassure Victoria about her pregnancy.
An excited, but anxious Dawn receives a date for seeing her son Lucas.
Dan offers Will a job.

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 10th June on ITV

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