Kim meets her new neigh-bours

When Kim’s out riding her horse on a country road, a car speeds past and causes the horse to bolt. Kim spots the driver of the car and let’s rip at her. She is floored to learn that the driver is son Jamie’s secret wife, Andrea and young daughter, Millie.

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Meanwhile, Andrea is not pleased to learn Jamie has been living up at Home Farm with Kim. Andrea is annoyed Kim has seemingly got her claws into her husband. Caught in the middle Jamie, is relieved and hopeful when Andrea agrees to stay the night in the village.

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The next day, he attempts to find her a job to entice her to stay long term. Simmering with determination, Kim resolves not to lose Jamie to Andrea. With Andrea now on the scene, will these two strong women ever get along and should the villagers expect some fireworks up at Home Farm in the meantime?

Victoria admits her rape ordeal

The reality of Victoria’s pregnancy hits an uneasy Robert and Diane, as she begins to suffer from morning sickness. They are stunned when Victoria tells them she’s not having a termination. Later, at the Café, Diane gives Victoria hope Robert might change his mind about her decision to keep the baby, before Victoria runs into a confrontational Robert who’s unable to say he’ll support Victoria’s decision, but is distressed to see her so hurt.

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At the Woolpack, a worried Marlon’s determined to find out what’s wrong with Victoria and is shocked when Victoria tells him she was raped. At the Woolpack, Victoria continues to struggle to find the words as she tries to explain what happened with Lee, and after her reveal Matty, Chas, Ellis and Charity struggle to take in the news.

Maya can’t stay away

Despite everything, Jacob vows to wait for Maya. Meanwhile, she secretly spies on Jacob in the shadows, waiting for a chance to talk to him but is spotted by Pollard.

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He pretends he hasn’t seen her and heads back to the B&B grimly determined, but Pollard’s shocked when Maya enters and terminates his call to the police. Maya’s caught when Pollard gives her the ultimatum of him calling the police or her telling Jacob she doesn’t love him anymore.  What will she do?

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Also this week

At the factory, the spark between Jai and Laurel is still evident.

03_06_emm_jai_laurel_01.jpg(Picture: ITV)

When Liam’s dead ex-wife is brought up, Nicola tells Bernice that Liam’s acting like he’s got something to hide and gives her food for thought.

06_06_emm_liam_bernice_2nd_ep_01.jpg(Picture: ITV)

Charity is touched as Vanessa determines to find them a new home.

07_06_emm_vanessa_charity_01.jpg(Picture: ITV)

These scenes air from Monday 3rd June on ITV

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