Time is up for Maya next week but what is next for Jacob? and will David be able to live with the decision he has made?

David manages to convince an uncomfortable Ryan to install spy software on Jacob’s laptop, allowing him to monitor his communication with Maya.

Later when Jacob goes to Leyla’s to revise, as soon as she’s out of sight Jacob rummages through the drawers at the house to find Maya’s passport and money. He smiles as he messages Maya telling her; unaware he’s being monitored.

The next day, at the Cricket Pavilion, Maya waits for Jacob but is soon stunned when an angry David arrives to confront her. Maya offers to leave Jacob and the village for good if David lets her go.

As their argument becomes heated as she moves past him to leave; Maya stops dead in her tracks as she sees police cars approaching, just as Jacob arrives. And soon Jacob is left reeling to see Maya being put into the back of a police car whilst David is left hoping he’s made the right decision.

ITV air these scenes from Monday 20th May



By Eastieoaks

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