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At the Taylor’s, everyone celebrates Bailey’s birthday but when they see Dinah’s card, Karen quickly intervenes to avoid any upset. Ted moves back into his flat but he’s surprised to find Bailey there and offers her some advice. After avoiding his calls, Bailey asks Keegan to read Dinah’s card but when he struggles, Bailey takes over.

Phil surprises Louise with flowers as she and Keanu plan for their baby with Sharon looking on, forced to hide her fears. At The Arches, Phil gently warns Keanu to treat Louise properly. At home, Sharon promises Dennis a treat if he cooperates at a family therapy session but as it gets underway, things don’t go to plan, leaving Sharon disappointed. Meanwhile, Keanu is thrilled that his mum is happy about Louise’s pregnancy. Later, frustrated after the therapy session Sharon breaks down, clearly not coping.

Linda grows anxious when Mick goes to Ollie’s appointment and as they talk to the doctor, Mick realises Linda has lied to him and is shocked at the Doctor’s revelation.

Elsewhere, Kush worries about Robbie keeping Sami from his mum, and after getting advice from Kat, he tells Sonia. Annoyed the police have contacted him about Ben’s dodgy cars, Jay demands he sort it but when Ben spots Callum he hatches a plan.

EastEnders airs at 7:30 tonight on BBC One

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