He is probably known best for roles in such hit comedy series as Bottom and The Young Ones and for drama he has appeared in other BBC greats such as Holby City and Jonathan Creek.

Next week welcomes Adrian Edmondson to Walford in the role of Daniel Cook and he quickly crosses paths with Jean Slater and manages to upset her. We first meet Daniel during Jean’s chemotherapy session and as she gets annoyed more and more he continues to wind her up leading her to snap which leaves Stacey stunned by her mum’s actions.

Later, Stacey, who has had enough tells Daniel to leave Jean alone but manages to embarrass Jean who soon asks Stacey to leave.

As Jean searches the Oncology department for her missing book, she finds that Daniel has it but storms off leaving Daniel feeling regretful when he continues to annoy her.

EastEnders air these scenes from Tuesday 25th June on BBC One

By Eastieoaks

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