When Orla can’t be discouraged with the plan for her infomercial. Doug rehearses his lines and absolutely nails his rap to promote Molloy’s Motors.

1, When Charlotte steals a client from Hayley a quick game of call my bluff ensues but will they both be able to reach a deal?

2, Heather is left devastated when she sees Jackie and Hughie in a warm embrace and later she accuses Renee and Bob of wanting to get her locked up. Words of comfort from Jackie are no good and Heather issues her a warning.

3, Paul is caught in the middle of a row between Melanie and Fiona and later tries to broker a truce between them will he have much success?

4, Eoghan ropes Leo into a scam to double cross Carol who later lays into Eoghan when she almost loses her biggest account when she issues an ultimatum will he say yes?

(Picture: RTE) Renee gets tough but Ellie refuses to live with her mam

5, The Phelans reel as Heather goes public with her feelings for Hughie but it is Jackie who is left shocked by the scene Heather has caused.