We all love a good soap wedding but exchange presents for punch-ups and laughter for tears and you have the makings of a classic.

This week, if Heather doesn’t wreck it, we’ll get to see the marriage of Hughie Phelan and Jackie Ferguson.

As the big day approaches both Hughie and Jackie are struggling thanks to rumors and for Jackie’s sake, Hughie tells Bob and Renee they need to shut down the gossip.

Hughie and Jackie share a moment they vow not to let Heather come between them.

Hughie gives Heather an ultimatum about the wedding as Bob and Cass organize his stag do. While chatting to Heather, Doug lets slip that Pete and Jackie shared a kiss which leaves Heather delighted with this new information and doesn’t waste time in telling Jackie that she knows.

Finally it’s the day of the wedding and as Heather wishes Hughie well she also tries to make peace with Jackie only to then overhear Pete compliment her.

Reene has to calm down Heather when she tells Hughie to call the wedding off.

Just as Hughie and Jackie are about to take the plunge, wedding-crasher extraordinaire Heather shows up and halts it..

(Picture: RTE) Will Hughie and Jackie tie the knot?

Will Heather succeed in destroying them before they get married?

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