Monday 1st July – Pobol y Cwm

Rhys is annoyed when Sioned brings alcohol to the flat in an attempt to liven up the party at Cysgod y Glyn.

Meanwhile, in Fair City – As Hughie hopes the honeymoon will heal the rift, Jackie comes to a shocking decision.

Tuesday 2nd July – Rownd a Rownd

There is hope for Dani and Jac and their plans for Barbados when her passport finally arrives, except one problem solved is replaced with another.

Unfortunately, Carys is under pressure due to Barry’s desire to have a baby and is struggling to ease her own problems never mind other people’s difficulties.

Wednesday 3rd July – Fair City

Massive alarm bells are set ringing when Heather wants to move in with Hughie leaving Bob and Renee to warn him.

Thursday 4th July – Rownd a Rownd

It’s almost the big day for Sian and John and Erin is nervous about all the arrangements. Mathew continues his plan of not arranging a farewell party for Jim Gym.

Friday 5th July – Pobol y Cwm

Despite trying to find excuses not to go, Jim must face his fears and dip into the swimming pool. Meanwhile, Kelly receives a mysterious phone call.

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