Tom Jordan was best known for his role in Fair City as Charlie Kelly since the show began in 1989, he also appeared in Casualty and Heartbeat.

A statement from Brigie de Courcy, Executive Producer of Fair City:

This is devastating news. Tom Jordan was the heart of Fair City. He played Charlie Kelly from the very first episode and was a huge part of our plans for the future.

A consummate actor, and a strong advocate for his colleagues across the industry, he will remain a legend for the viewers and for everyone who had the privilege of working with him. Our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

Jim Bartley who plays Bela Doyle also paid tribute to his longtime co-star and friend “I’ve known Tom for 40 years, and he was a big part of my life. Myself and Tom shared a dressing room in Fair City for nearly 30 of those years, since 1990 and they were a great 30 years. We’d discuss everything from the meaning of life to the profession we work in together over a pint, and he was one of the best friends I’ve had in the business.

I’m going to miss him, and his Fair City family will miss him. He was such a steady part of the show, and he gave Charlie such credibility and life. My thoughts are with his wife and family”.

Fair City continues tomorrow on RTE One