Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 17th June – Friday 21st June 2019

Have Aaron and Robert made the situation for Victoria worse?

Robert and Aaron steel home from their successful but secret morning trip. Soon, Robert is aghast to hear Victoria has found the posters they made featuring Lee and the word ‘rapist’.

She is livid they fly-posted them that morning. As Robert & Aaron remove posters from a roadside they spot a fuming Lee removing some from the garage he works at.

Later, the police arrive, leaving them all aghast that a complaint about the posters has been made against Victoria. Victoria reacts badly telling Robert she wants nothing to do with him. The next day Aaron resolves to try and fix Robert and Victoria’s friction and tries to persuade Victoria to consider her situation from Robert’s point of view. A day later, as they both visit Jack’s grave where Robert reminds an emotional Victoria he’s there for her – but will it work?

Amy agrees to a date with Nate. which is interrupted by Tracy and Kerry as they reprimand Nate for taking Amy on a date so shortly after sleeping with Tracy.

The next day, Nate wonders how he can make it up to Amy and soon at the playground tries, until Amy discovers Kyle, who was in her charge, has gone missing, leaving her and Nate to search for him. Meanwhile, Dan’s called away from the garage and with his back turned, little Kyle sneaks in and unknowingly puts himself in danger.

Soon panicking Nate realises Kyle is in the locked garage which is now full of smoke, but he’s trapped as Nate struggles to open the garage doors. Nate urgently tries to find something to break open the garage door to save Kyle from the fumes, whilst a fearful Amy tells Moira how Kyle’s gone missing and Moira is quick to jump into action…

Maya has her day in court

David is tentative ahead of his therapy session in which he blames himself for what happened with Jacob.

Meanwhile, Jacob’s thrown when Pollard tells him David’s seeing a therapist.The next day, David’s determined to fix things with Jacob who continues to shut David out. Outside the shop, Jacob’s angered to see a live stream on Noah’s phone of some school girls confronting Maya. He runs off to get rid of Maya’s attackers.

Maya tells him to go but he follows her to her car and soon she instructs him to get into the car. Meanwhile, David’s upset as he considers the potential outcome of Maya’s court appearance. On the roadside, Maya’s facade cracks and she finds comfort in Jacob as they kiss and embrace. Maya is set to be in court the next day but will it go her way?

Will Pete do the dirty on Rhona?

Rhona’s hurt by Kim, when she lectures her over cheating on Pete. But could Kim have an ulterior motive? As later Pete helps Kim who has broken down, stuck in mud, in her car. Eventually, Pete pulls Kim’s car from the mud with his tractor. Later, at Home Farm, Kim insists Pete stay for a drink…

Also this week

The attraction between Jai and Laurel grows and Jai makes secret plans.

Billy is alarmed Max is back.

Megan puts on a front as she worries about how she’ll cope with her sentencing, insistent Eliza shouldn’t visit her if she goes to prison.

David resolves to get Jacob back home. But soon Charity unwittingly gives David an idea how…

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 17th June on ITV

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