Max runs through his plan to rob a van with Billy and warns him not to mess things up. After Billy and Woody get the go-ahead text from Max, the police – having been tipped off by Billy – intercept the three of them before they can rob it. Billy is angry and let down when DS Sanders says they can’t guarantee Max doesn’t know what Billy did. Little does he know, a vengeful Max is already at Tall Trees waiting ominously upstairs. When April, Jessie and Marlon return home early from the village football match, Max appears. He dangerously flashes a gun and orders a terrified Jessie to call Billy, which goes to voicemail.

Back at the football match, Billy eventually picks up the message and rushes off with Ellis in tow. Billy darts inside and faces Max who points the gun straight at him. There’s a furious tussle and before long a gunshot reverbarberate around the village, leaving someone fighting for their life. Has Max waged the ultimate revenge on Billy? Or has someone else paid for the price for Billy’s cooperation with the police?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 24th June on ITV

By Eastieoaks

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