Monday 24th June

Mel picks up on the tension between Max and Bobby. As tensions reach fever pitch, Bobby gets support from an unlikely source. Despite the support, things soon become too much for Bobby who rushes home and demands to be left alone.

Meanwhile, Mel prepares for Hunter’s sentencing and after some support from Gray, Mel turns her focus back to Jack and the pair discuss investments. They are interrupted however when Jack receives a call to say Amy is sick but Mel senses an opportunity and offers to look after her. Alone, Mel secretly goes through Jack’s bank statements but when Max suddenly returns home, Mel is forced to cover and agrees to go for a drink with him. At The Vic, despite Mel’s initial reluctance, the two share a kiss, as a jealous Rainie watches on. Elsewhere, Jack asks Sonia how Tiffany is, leaving Sonia suspicious.

Tuesday 25th June

Max struggles to get Mel off his mind and unaware it’s the day of Hunter’s sentencing, invites her for a drink. When Mel lets him down gently, Max suggests they go for a business drink instead leaving Mel pondering the idea. Later on, they go for a drink, Mel sees Jack with the officer who arrested Hunter, Muski, and makes a sharp exit. At home, Mel makes a suspicious call… Meanwhile, fed up of Sonia worrying about her, Tiffany tells Jack to back off and drop things with Fraser. Jack reluctantly agrees but after a run-in with Fraser at the park he changes his mind. At The Vic, Jack discusses Fraser with Muski but unsatisfied with his response, Jack takes matters into his own hands and follows Fraser…

Ian tries to get hold of Masood to discuss the business but before Kathy can explain what’s happened, they’re shocked to see Bobby has a bruised face. Assuming Max is responsible, Ian calls the police leaving Bobby mortified and refusing to co-operate. After Ian confronts Max who denies any knowledge, Bobby reveals what happened. Ian is later horrified to discover that Max is his new business partner at the restaurant – Masood has gone.

Thursday 27th June

Jack and Fraser come to blows and the situation soon gets out of hand. Meanwhile, Mel puts the final pieces of her plan to get Jack’s money in place and spins Rainie a lie to get into the Branning’s.

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 24th June on BBC One

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