Lola hasn’t been back in Walford very long and despite trying to get herself settled, not easy when you live with Ben Mitchell, it seems she could be on her way out again.

It begins when Jay confides his doubts about Ruby to Billy who promptly tells Lola and encourages her to remain positive. Lola in need of a job tries her luck at the salon and is left surprised when Denise offers a trial on the spot.

Later, Lola is pleased when Denise offers her a job at the salon but when she sees Jay and Ruby having a heart-to-heart and making amends, she is left deflated. Ben is later stunned when Lexi reveals her and Lola are moving back to Newcastle.

Ben confronts Lola about her plans to leave Walford and pleads for one more day with Lexi and feeling the pressure, Ben hatches a plan to make Lola stay, roping Billy in.

As Ben resorts to desperate lengths to ensure Lola doesn’t leave will she stick around or has he gone too far?

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