School is out and it’s time for prom but what should be a good time is anything but at Hollyoaks high

It’s a Gatsby themed prom at Hollyoaks high and as Ollie hopes to impress Brooke he asks Imran to practice dancing with him and Marnie surprises Juliet with a beautiful new dress.

After speaking with her son Finn, Diane crashes prom and in front of all the students, confronts Laurie. Chaos reigns leaving everyone shocked by what has happened.

After a sensory overload at the prom Ollie, Imran and Juliet plan to cheer her up and set up their own prom at The Hutch but an upset Juliet leaves in tears when she sees how loved up Ollie and Brooke are.

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 24th June on Channel 4