If the fact that she killed Louis Loveday was terrible enough she has the audacity to use his ring to propose to Jack Osbourne.

Tonight with Ollie and Brooke being intimate at Breda’s pig farm Imran and Juliet made up after their dispute and planned to frighten Ollie and Brooke.

With Juliet deciding to roleplay the burying of Imran right in the spot where Louis is buried it looked like Breda’s secret was about to be unearthed but she arrived just in time to prevent them finding anything.

After getting rid of the teens Breda dug up Louis’ body and as she stuffed it into her car boot she panicked when Jack pulled up. A confused Jack puzzled with what was going on questioned her over what was happening and noticed the ring in the mud.

A fast thinking Breda was forced to tell another lie and said the ring belonged to her father and that it was a sign they are meant to be together.

Back at the pub the party was in full swing with their families but when Lisa Loveday asked to see the ring Breda stepped in quickly to stop her…

This is another time bomb that Breda is sitting on and it is only a matter of time before it all blows up.

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 7PM on E4

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