It was make or break for Sinead tonight she could plead guilty to attacking Laurie and get released and be back with her daughter Hannah or stand her ground and remain locked up.

Sinead feared that making a guilty plea against Laurie would hinder the chance of getting justice for his sexual assault on her. Sami tried his best to help and reached out to another victim of Laurie’s, Georgia.

Georgia opened up to Sinead about Laurie which convinced her to attend the hearing.

After Sinead was released she stormed off upon learning that Georgia signed a gagging order which Sami knew about.

Laurie still smug tried intimidating Georgia by reminding her of the gagging order who then told Diane and Sinead she couldn’t support her case.

What will Sinead do next? and who will bring down Lord Sumg Bastard…. Hollyoaks continues tomorrow at 7PM on E4

By Eastieoaks

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