It’s summer in Hollyoaks and as the teens of the village head off for a music festival the others aren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs as revealed in brand new teasers.

Why is Laurie sticking around in the village after everything that’s happened?

Kyle Pryor: Laurie has an inflated self confidence that leads him to believe he is untouchable. The more power and control he gains, the more he craves. He genuinely thinks he is an innocent man and deserves his right to live in the village

Who do you wish you had more scenes with?

Kyle Pryor: There are many people I would love to have more scenes with. I would like to explore more of a character relationship with James Nightingale. I think that they would have an interesting story arc.

Can you tease what Liam gets up to this summer?

Jude Monk McGowan: Liam will be pursuing Mercedes quite single-mindedly this summer

Who do you wish you had more scenes with?

Jude Monk McGowan: We talk about it often but me and Anna Passey would love to get the chance to work together – hopefully one day!

What is Tom’s new business venture?

Owen Warner: Tom has decided to do a PG version of Prince and Romeo’s raves last year, and has set up a summer camp for children!

Why does Romeo decide to join in?

Owen Warner: He comes into a little bit of money trouble and is in need of an income to pay back Walter for destroying his display after a fight with Prince.

What is Tom’s Turtles and why does Prince get involved with it

Malique Thompson Dwyer: Tom’s Turtles is a business set up by Tom that aims to keep children occupied throughout the six weeks of summer. Prince gets involved, needing to pay Walter back after smashing up Price Slice. Not wanting to work with Walter, Prince asks Tom for a job.

Is there any love interest for Prince?

Malique Thompson Dwyer: A spark from Prince’s past may be reignited during a summer romance…

Prince will be leaving the village this summer! Why does Prince leave?

Malique Thompson Dwyer: Since Lily has been gone, Prince tried to preoccupy himself and take his mind off her, but he’s been really struggling.

How will Goldie take Prince leaving?

Malique Thompson Dwyer: I think Goldie will struggle with the prospect of Prince leaving, most likely feeling left behind once again as she was by her other son, Hunter. However, I think Prince can persuade her that it’s the right thing for him to do.

Do you have any plans now you’ve left Hollyoaks?

Malique Thompson Dwyer: I have been doing a lot of music and I’m trying to peruse that and get my music out there however acting is my main passion which I won’t be giving up.

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