Carter fans rejoice Peter and Carla are making their return to Weatherfield but not everyone is glad to see them back.

MONDAY 1ST JULY – 1st episode
When Adam reveals that Carla’s due home tomorrow, Sarah worries that she’ll want to take back the factory reins.

MONDAY 1ST JULY – 2nd episode
Sarah calls the workers together and announces that Carla is due back tomorrow.

WEDNESDAY 3RD JULY – 1st episode
Peter and Carla return from Carlisle and move back into Roy’s flat. Carla’s dosed up and frail but lucid. Following a visit from her key worker Carla packs Peter off to an AA meeting and wastes no time going to see her staff at the community centre. She gets a mixed welcome but tells the staff she has something she wants to tell them.

WEDNESDAY 3RD JULY – 2nd episode
Peter is worried that Carla’s psychosis is making her do rash things. Carla is furious when she hears Peter talking to Roy about trying to get power of attorney to protect her assets. She explains that her illness has made her realise what is important and she wants his support.

Friday 5th July
Beth drops the bombshell that Carla has gifted her factory shares to the workforce. Nick’s outraged. Carla tentatively approaches Kate and tells her how sorry she is and how she wishes she’d heeded Gary’s warning about the roof. Kate dissolves into tears and Carla holds her.

Peter asks Michelle if she can find a few shifts for Carla at the bistro as it would be a welcome distraction for her. When Michelle reveals that she’s going to be helping Alya and could do with some cover at the bistro, Carla agrees to step in. Peter’s delighted.

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