MONDAY 1ST JULY – 1st episode

Yasmeen is horrified to discover her jewellery and photos missing and Geoff is quick to point the finger of blame at Alya’s DJ mates. Horrified Alya offers to pay Yasmeen back and goes off in search of the guys who were at the house. Geoff meanwhile tells Yasmeen he’s changed the locks but is secretly pleased when Yasmeen remains jumpy. As Alya and Ryan head home they spot Geoff ahead of them but are shocked when he pulls his phone out of his pocket and Yasmeen’s bracelet falls out.

Nick tries to speak to Audrey to build bridges but Paula reminds him he is in breach of his bail conditions by approaching her. Leanne is thrilled when Nick gives her a bracelet for her birthday and suggests a get together. Gail tries to persuade Audrey to come along. Will she agree?

Having taken a phone call from the school informing her that Liam isn’t well, Maria ushers Ali out of the salon explaining she has to close up. As Maria waits with Liam in the medical centre, Ali casts her admiring glances. Liam clocks his interest.

ELSEWHERE As a nervous Sean readies himself for his date, Paul sends a cheeky text from Sean’s phone to the guy he’s meeting up with. Having read the text, Sean’s hurt whilst Billy’s unimpressed with Paul’s behaviour.

MONDAY 1ST JULY – 2nd episode

Alya and Ryan are horrified and make Geoff turn out his pockets, is Geoff guilty of the robbery? Geoff pulls out a receipt and proves that he bought the necklace to replace the lost one. Angry Geoff says if they don’t trust him he is moving out.

Nick is angry to discover Leanne alone in the flat and no sign of Gail and Audrey for birthday drinks. Furious he storms round to David’s and a fight ensues. A desperate Gail tells them to stop. Back at the flat Nick tells Leanne that sometimes his brain injury makes him do stupid things and he wishes he could control it.

ELSEWHERE With some encouragement from Emma, Maria sets up a profile on a dating site. Paul and Sean continue to snipe at each other whilst Billy despairs.

WEDNESDAY 3RD JULY – 1st episode

David is angry to hear about Nick’s latest attempt to stay out of prison and decides to play dirty himself.

Geoff spoils Yasmeen with a champagne breakfast whilst offering to speak to the insurance company with a view to helping look after her finances. When Yasmeen gets upset about the loss of a framed photo of Kal, Geoff replaces it with a huge picture on the wall.

ELSEWHERE Maria’s astonished by the raunchy nature of the responses to her dating ad. Checking her profile, Bethany sees Maria has put “Netflix and chill” among her interests. Maria’s horrified to realise what it means and orders her to delete the app. Sean tells Paul and Billy that by the time he arrived, his date was snogging someone else. Making it clear he blames Paul’s text for scaring him off, Sean flounces out.

WEDNESDAY 3RD JULY – 2nd episode

Shona is unimpressed with David’s behaviour and Toyah tells Imran not to believe everything David says. David tells Shona that if Nick can lie to the court so can he.

Geoff proudly tells Yasmeen that he’s shopped around and managed to save her over £200 on her house insurance, it even covers his DJ gear. Yasmeen’s impressed. When Geoff makes out he accidentally gave his own bank details to the old insurer for her jewellery payout, Yameen assures him it’s fine. Geoff’s pleased to have taken control.

In the Rovers, Maria moans to Ali about her none existent love life. Ali suggests there’s probably someone right under her nose, but Maria fails to take the hint.

ELSEWHERE When Summer suggests they should all go to the Weatherfield Light Festival, Billy and Sean are up for it whilst Paul’s fed up to find himself playing happy families with Sean.

Friday 5th July

Gail gets all the family together to try and iron out their differences, David and Nick point out they are in breach of their bail conditions by being in the same room as Audrey. As the meeting looks like it’s going to descend into chaos Gail says they have to hold an ornament, pass it round and only the person holding it can speak. Nick and David remain at loggerheads and tussle over the ornament sending it flying. Gail is fretting about David and Nick appearing in court and Audrey is stunned to realise she has abandoned her in favour of going to court to look out for them. What will the outcome be?

Having seen Paul with a dodgy mate in Victoria Gardens, before giving Billy some snazzy bluetooth headphones, Sean jumps to conclusions when the medical centre charity box goes missing and tells Moira he thinks it was Paul.

Paul is furious when a police officer comes to quiz him about the charity box theft. Discovering that Moira reported him on Sean’s say-so Billy has to stop Paul from going for Sean. Sean is shaken but as he heads into the ginnel he is punched in the face.

ELSEWHERE In Speed Daal, a chap called Ray introduces himself to Yasmeen and Alya explaining he’s organising a charity fundraiser at one of his hotels and would like to hire them to do the catering. Yasmeen’s flattered but when Geoff suggests she’s too old to be taking on extra work, Yasmeen’s crestfallen.With Geoff’s words ringing in her ears, Yasmeen tells Alya to go ahead and take up Ray’s offer but to count her out. Steve heads off to Tiny’s stables armed with a rucksack full of unicorn paraphernalia. Steve shows Michael some pictures of Tiny dressed as a unicorn but swears him to secrecy as Tim would be furious. Michael offers to help him with marketing. At Ryan’s insistence, Michelle buries the hatchet with Alya and agrees to help with the outside catering event.

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