It is only a matter of time before Laurie gets his comeuppance and he didn’t bet on multiple women teaming up together.

In tonight’s Hollyoaks episode on E4, Diane feels armed with the information she needs to confront rapist Laurie, following her meeting with Finn in prison.

Later, as the Gatsby themed school prom gets going, Diane arrives and lets rip at Laurie in front of both students and colleagues. Laurie orders Nancy to escort a seething Diane off the premises but Diane who can see she is causing upset, agrees to go on her own choice.

An undismayed Diane sneaks back into the school where she finds Laurie in the classroom. A cornered Laurie threatens to phone the police if she doesn’t leave but Diane is a woman on a mission and closes the door.

As Diane gains the upper hand she looms over Laurie as he sits on the floor.

Will Diane finish him for good?

Later, Brody, Sami and Tony are worried about the whereabouts of Sinead, Sienna and Diane. How far will the women go to get payback on Laurie and will they put themselves in danger to get it?

Hollyoaks air this episode tonight at 7PM on E4 and 6:30PM on Channel 4 tomorrow