The last time I saw a school prom this intense was during the film Carrie, and as we wait to see if Laurie (Kyle Pryor) survives his fall I doubt many of us are hoping he does.

After months of misery it all came down to this and as Diane emasculated Laurie, she suggested that his abuse of women was only to boost his self-worth. Although Laurie initially remained calm he started screaming and throwing books around the classroom. Diane fought back against him getting in his face and pushing him against the wall.

Meanwhile, Brody was worried about Sienna doing something she might regret if she had to continue working alongside Laurie at the school and suggested she find a new outlet for her anger, boxing.

Laurie’s downfall came quite literally when he followed Diane into the school toilets and refused to let her get away with speaking to him the way she did.

As a terrified Diane tried to make good her escape Sinead and Sienna arrived to find Diane screaming as Laurie chased her onto the balcony, When Sinead tried to get Laurie away from her mum he pushed her off but Sinead didn’t give up the fight and accidentally pushed Laurie off the balcony.

As the three women looked down on the lifeless body of Laurie lying in the school yard keep watching this week to find out if Laurie survives? and who will pay the price for this?

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