As James loses his mind over the court case, Harry tells him that he has a lead on Sadie and that finding her will get him his alibi how ever when James spots Harry alone and in the village he assumes that he has lied about finding Sadie.

With James struggling he even goes so far as to try secretly unlocking his phone an act that prompts Marnie to try talking sense to him and stop being so suspicious.

Later when Tony asks Harry to try and help Ste it backfires when James who is visiting Sami, for a second opinion on the case, overhears Harry and Ste talking in Ste’s back yard.

James who is driven insane with suspicion storms over to Ste and tells him to stay away from Harry and later tells Harry how hard it is to trust him, considering his dishonesty in the past.

Will James and Harry work through another rocky patch in their relationship?

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 1st July

By Eastieoaks

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