Hollyoaks spoilers: Sally saves the day as Laurie is arrested

After last night’s fall from grace both Diane and Sienna were wondering if they should let Laurie die, Sinead couldn’t and rushed over to help him. As she ordered Diane to call for an ambulance she desperately gave Laurie CPR.

Tony turned up just as the emergency services did and when she told the police that Laurie tried to rape Diane they questioned what stopped him, Sinead admitted to pushing him off the balcony and that she would do it again.

Diane who was trying to defend Sinead told the police her daughter had no choice and that it had to be done to save her. Sinead having broken her bail conditions was arrested as paramedics confirmed that unfortunately Laurie still has a pulse.

Tony and Diane see Sinead brought into custody where she will have to stay while the investigation continues and Sally hands over the evidence that proves what really happened.

Back at the hospital, Laurie had regained consciousness as Sienna loomed over him as he panicked and reached for his alarm Sienna kept a tight hold of it.

Sienna messes with him saying it was a mistake letting him go from the classroom the night she had tied up and that it a mistake Sinead saved his life when his heart stopped.

As Sienna grabbed his pillow Laurie panicked saying sorry and that he would never touch another woman again. Sienna had the last laugh as she left him powerless, the police arrived and arrested him for the attempted rape of Diane.

The color drained when Laurie was shown stills of what he had done from the CCTV that Sally had installed.

Sienna went to see Sinead and Diane and there was hugs and relief that they finally have justice.

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow on E4

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