Ackley Bridge spoilers: A proposal and 5 other spoilers

Missy is gone but life in Ackley Bridge goes on…

1, Kaneez is caught unaware when Rashid drops to one knee and proposes in the local supermarket, even more surprising is when Kaneez says yes. But does she really want to get married?

2, It’s time for a party and Cory gets lucky with one local only to get caught, oops.

3, Nasreen is out of school but has a job, packing boxes at the local factory), she is missing Missy and laments about how nobody is mentioning her.

4, Rashid launches an attack which could have disastrous consequences for the school when he attempts to stand up for Kaneez.

5, A piece in the local paper has meant a large proportion of the school’s Asian students aren’t bothering to show up which leaves Mandy and the staff on a mission to fix things.

6, It could be the end of the road for another member of Ackley Bridge when they announce they don’t have long left after getting a place in drama school.

Ackley Bridge continues on Tuesday at 8PM on Channel 4

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