Ben confronts Lola about her plans to leave Walford and pleads for one more day with Lexi and feeling the pressure, Ben hatches a plan to make Lola stay, roping Billy in. Ben resorts to desperate lengths to ensure Lola doesn’t leave.

Desperate to help Bobby settle back into Walford, Ian suggests home tutoring but Bobby’s dismissal leaves Ian hopeless. In his room, Bobby gets a call from a friend and gets the reassurance he needs leading him to apologise to Ian. As Ian vows to keep Bobby close, he’s unaware that he’s fled.

Elsewhere, Chantelle has an idea to get Gray in Mitch’s good books. However, when Mitch declines his offer a furious Chantelle doesn’t hold back, issuing some home truths to her father. Meanwhile, Jean is frustrated when she can’t find her book and when she searches at the oncology unit, she discovers Daniel has it. As he continues to annoy her, Jean storms off, leaving him regretful.

This episode airs at the early time of 7PM and there is no EastEnders on tomorrow

By Eastieoaks

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