Coronation Street spoilers: Gail goes missing as Nick and David lock horns

It’s time for both Nick and David to learn their fate in corn and as Leanne wants Nick home she isn’t the only one wanting a return as Gail goes awol.

Audrey is frosty with Gail after she abandoned her in the hospital and Nick tells her to stay away after David did nothing to help him. Later, Sarah is concerned when there is no sign of Gail. As Audrey blames David and Nick for driving Gail away, Sarah is left phoning the police when she fails to return.

The brothers lock horn when David blames Nick for Gail’s disappearance and later Nick tells David he plans to take full responsibility for the stolen money. David then calls Imran and tells him he was mistaken, Nick is not responsible for the factory roof collapse, leaving Imran furious. However Leanne tells a torn Nick to stick to the original plan – she and Oliver want him home. What will Nick decide to do?

On the day of the outcome, David tells Shona that Nick plans to tell the truth in court however when the brothers appear in court Nick goes back on his word and blames his brain injury for his actions, accusing David of being the mastermind behind the theft. The Judge reaches a decision.

Nick speaks to Audrey alone and vows to put things right, Audrey softens. Sarah tells Nick he may have got Audrey onside but she is not such a pushover and due to his brain injury, Sarah reveals that she’s had Adam draw up the paperwork to have him removed as a director of Underworld on the grounds he’s unfit.

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