A new, possibly regular feature, where I pick 5 shows from the week ahead that should make for great viewing.

Monday – Trawlermen: Celebs at Sea (9PM on Channel 5)

Take 3 celebs, Boyzone’s Shane Lynch, TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson and former England rugby player rugby Ben Cohen stick them on a trawler in the North Atlantic and watch as they try and hack life as a trawlermen.

Antony who is probably best known for Ready Steady Cook does what he does best as he tries to impress the crew with his culinary skills.

As the sleep deprivation hits, faulty equipment raises stress levels and combined with the lack of showers and a blocked toilet, who will crack first?

Tuesday – Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure (9PM on ITV)

At 84 you could forgive Dame Judi Dench if she said that she wished to take it easy but this is the exact opposite as she ventures into the Borneo jungle and even says yes to being winched up into a tree canopy.

Judi manages to embrace everything the jungle has as she learns about its future and whether there is any hope left for one of the last remaining untouched rainforests in the world.

Wednesday – Coronation Street (7.30PM on ITV)

Carter fans rejoice, tonight sees the return of fan favorites Peter and Carla after their time away in Carlisle and as a dosed up Carla quickly packs Peter off to an AA meeting she wastes no time going to see the factory staff at the community center. Peter worries that Carla’s psychosis is making her do rash things and she is left furious when she hears Peter talking to Roy about trying to get the power of attorney to protect her assets.

Thursday – Ambulance (9PM on BBC One)

As icy weather grips, the Greater Manchester area challenges already faced by the paramedics are made worse and Jenny and Ellis are dispatched to attend to a frail 80-year-old who has taken a nasty tumble in the show but they have equal concerns for the health of his wife.

Friday – Neighbours (5.30PM on Channel 5)

The Dee storyline is set to explode next week and the conclusion of this week sees Andrea discovering that Heather is in Byron Bay.