EastEnders spoilers: A week in Walford for the Carters

Monday 8th July

Gray, Chantelle and Mick gear up to run the Walford 10k and raise money for a charity, with Gray charming residents to sign up. Later, Mick reveals his plan to Linda – raise money for a private assessment for Ollie but he doesn’t get the reaction he hoped for.

Tuesday 9th July

Gray antagonises Mitch into signing up to the charity run and Chantelle suggests they need some publicity and calls a local journalist, keen to help. Whilst distracted, Chantelle misses a call from the journalist and her opportunity to help.

Thursday 11th July

Having missed the opportunity with the journalist, Chantelle breaks the news to Mick but Shirley saves the day with a photographer friend. As everyone gathers for a photo, things don’t go to plan leaving Linda upset. Seeing Linda’s reaction, Karen offers some advice leading Linda to fully support Mick in his plight.

Friday 12th July

It’s race day in Walford and the competition heats up between Mitch and Gray. A proud Linda announces a special offer at The Vic for all medal holders but when the race ends, there’s a surprise winner as Mitch speeds past Gray and Bex. Later, Mitch eventually admits he cheated and as everyone laughs, annoyed at Mitch, Gray leaves the celebrations.

Meanwhile at The Vic, Mick comes clean to Linda – he’s booked the private appointment for Ollie, and despite her surprise, Linda reassures Mick, who’s desperate to help Ollie.

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