Jonno Highway (Richard Graham) has only been in the square 5 minutes and already made an enemy of Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) when he was confronted over his homophobia.

When Ben and Jonno come face to face again he enjoys antagonising him after their previous clash. Callum steps in to try and keep things under control but is alarmed when Jonno follows Ben into the toilets where the 2 men come to blows.

Jonno confronts Ben, who gets the upper hand on him which leaves Jonno seething.

When Jonno Realizes he isn’t welcome he makes a quick retreat with Callum following behind.

The EastEnders summer trailer has shown Ben on the receiving end of a beating by 2 thugs, has Jonno got his revenge on Ben? and where will this feud end?

EastEnders continues tomorrow on BBC One