Series 21 Episode 30 ‘Don’t Leave Me’

As Kian (Ramin Karimloo) struggles on the anniversary of a personal tragedy, he is determined that he must save a life today.

Hanssen (Guy Henry) worries that with his family history he shouldn’t look after Oskar (Harry Weston), and whether nature or nurture will have a greater effect on his grandson.

Cameron (Nic Jackman) struggles to accept some recent news and refuses help from Alex (Heather Peace). When Serena (Catherine Russell) tries to help, she receives surprising news.

This episode sees the return of Heather Peace as Alex Dawson


Ramin Karimloo As Kian Madani
Catherine Russell As Serena Campbell
Nic Jackman As Cameron Dunn
Guy Henry As Henrik Hanssen
Rosie Marcel As Jac Naylor
Belinda Owusu As Nicky Mckendrick
Marcus Griffiths As Xavier “zav” Duval
Bob Barrett As Sacha Levy
David Ames As Dominic Copeland
Amy Lennox As Chloe Godard
Alex Walkinshaw As Adrian “Fletch” Fletcher
Kaye Wragg As Essie Di Lucca
Harry Weston As Oskar Johanssen
Heather Peace As Alex Dawson
Ashley Margolis As Brody Lyttle


Alisa Macaulay – Writer
Irma Inniss – Producer
Amy Rodriguez – Producer
Tracey Rooney – Director

This episode airs 23rd July 2019 on BBC One