In what has been a week of double Holby City action, Creepy Evan was stabbed, Serena got pissed, and Vegas arrived in Holby much to Dom’s surprise.

Let’s start with Serena who got so drunk she got on a table in her bra, mind you it was a nice bra, and danced to The Prodigy. This wouldn’t have annoyed me if we hadn’t had an entire episode where she complained of a hangover every 5 minutes – would you really trust these Doctors if they turned up at work still drunk?

If it wasn’t the staff leaving you in less than capable hands it was the patients and one who was already agitated and when Evan wouldn’t back off, she stabbed him. Evan is a real cunty character who despite being near death insisted on getting married before he would allow himself to get operated on. Thankfully later episode spoilers already reveal Chloe wanting a divorce ASAP which hopefully mean she discovers what a slime ball he is.

The Dom and Lofty drama continued which at this point just bores me to no end. Enter Helen or ‘Vegas’ as she kept getting referred to and SURPRISE she is pregnant.. cos that sadly shouldn’t surprise anyone it appears to be the norm with same-sex couples in soaps that one will inevitably sleep with a woman and get them pregnant, LOFTY IS A DOCTOR HASN’T HE HEARD OF CONTRACEPTION? I guess that’s what you get for waking in Vegas.

After the hell Dominic went through with Issac why was it so hard to write for him and let him be happy? In the time since the couple dubbed ‘Dofty’ have been married Lee Mead has spent a large portion of it absent so we didn’t really get to enjoy a happily married pair before this latest twist in the story began.

In the last 6 months 

1. Dom finds out his fellow colleague is his mother
2. Chloe finds out that Dom is her half-brother
3. Issac returns and proceeds to add more misery to Dom's life.
4. Issac returns and is almost killed, thanks for that Issac.
5. Dom finds out that Lofty slept with a woman in Vegas.

Scary Sue wasn’t so scary and tried to help find a patient which resulted in being locked in a basement room with Xavier, these 2 personally I like and I grew Bored of the Donna/Xavier debacle ages ago she seems to stuck up whereas he just seems dull.

Holby City continues next week on BBC One.. that is if something like sport or politics haven’t cancelled it again