Hollyoaks spoilers: A killer summer in Hollyoaks as things hot up

As Britain enjoys a summer of what has been glorious sunshine Hollyoaks village is no exception as the heat reaches killer levels.

Starry reunited?

Marnie begs James to fight for Harry but unbeknown to him Ste and Harry are rekindling their romance with a kiss.

Laurie’s Return

Finn is back on our screens as both he and Laurie are being transported in a prison van. Finn soon realises who his travel companion is as he spits out abuser Laurie’s name, and reveals that he is Sinead’s brother. He unbuckles his seatbelt and launches for Laurie…

Will Breda kill again and WHO?

This summer, Breda will kill again, but who will the unlucky village resident be?

Mercedes? Breda overhears Mercedes on the phone admitting that she’s having an affair on Sylver. Mercedes looks scared as Breda walks past her.

Jack? The village is more determined than ever to catch the killer on the loose after Goldie discovers a dead body. Jack says that they must find the killer on the loose. Does Breda have to stop him finding out the truth?

Joel? Breda discovers that Joel is betraying the priesthood by dating her daughter. Breda enters the confession box with Joel on the other side…

Nobody in the village is safe…

Tom Turtles leads to Tom’s upset when he catches two of his employees, Prince and Peri, locking lips.

Having found her missing kids Sienna is on a mission this summer to take back her missing twins, Sophie and Sebastian. Liberty begs her not to kidnap the two children, but Sienna puts on her disguise and claims this is her only chance. Will she be able to leave her boyfriend Brody behind…

Will Sylver discover Mercedes affair?

Sylver is doing whatever it takes to make his wife, Mercedes happy, but Liam is still very much in the picture as they carry on their raunchy affair. As Liam and Mercedes kiss in the bathroom, Sylver goes to open the door. Will they be caught…

Forget Glastonbury it is Hollyoaks that has the sound of summer

It’s all smiles and summer vibes as Lisa, Cleo, Sinead, Ollie, Imran, Juliet and Brooke head to the festival.

Sinead is beaming, telling Sami that now Laurie is in prison, she is free. Romance blossoms with Sinead and Sami as they dance at the festival. Later they are passionately kissing.

Brooke, who has autism, has a meltdown at the festival, she is seen all alone screaming for help as the lights flash and music booms…

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