Emmerdale, Fair City, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks and Ackley Bridge spoilers

In Hollyoaks: Goldie is helping out with Joel’s ‘Hollyoaks In Bloom’ flower project. Sparks are flying between them, but Joel is embarrassed when religious Walter spots their chemistry. Joel snaps at Goldie and tells her that nothing will happen between them. Later, he goes over to the McQueen’s house and finds Goldie crying and kisses her. He admits his true feelings, but tells her that he can’t give up being a priest, so they make a compromise…

In Fair City: An emergency at Hot Pots gives Tessa pause for thought. Hughie resorts to drastic measures to help himself and Heather. A misunderstanding causes chaos for the Collins family. Meanwhile, Robbie confronts a dark secret from his past.

In Emmerdale: When Amy reveals to Matty, Victoria is leaving for Cornwall, he is gutted to have been left in the dark, Matty shames Victoria for not telling him and heads off to spend time with his new friends.

In Coronation Street: Evelyn starts her smear campaign about Larry the electrician and Roy is horrified. Mary helps Roy clean the cafe but they are interrupted by an angry Larry, convinced Roy is the one behind the bad-mouthing. Larry launches himself at him

In Ackley Bridge: After spending the night at Naveed’s (Gurjeet Singh) Cory admits he slept with his dads girlfriend but instead of being supportive Naveed tells him he isn’t just a slut he also isn’t a very nice person.

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