Hollyoaks spoilers: Is Sienna finally reunited with her twins?

Rewind a year and Sienna (Anna Passey) was left devastated when Warren (Jamie Lomas) returned out the blue and stole her baby, Sebastian from her having already taken Sophie it left Sienna without both her babies.

A year on her daughter Nico is now definitely dead after being killed in self defense and Sienna is getting on with her life teaching at Hollyoaks High and dating Brody Hudson.

Sienna finds herself viewing Maxine and Damon’s wedding venue but rather than enjoying the splendor of her friends choice for her wedding she finds herself distracted when she meets a twins staying there with an au pair and believes it to be her missing children Sophie and Sebastian.

With Brody alongside her Sienna goes to the police but branches out on her own mission to get back her babies. She books herself into the hotel hoping to see them again, and decides that nothing will stop her getting them back for good?

Are the twins really Sienna’s? if so where is Warren could he be just around the corner…?

What does Sienna plan to do next?

She wants to be as physically close to these twins as possible but she’s very clever about it, she knows that she can’t just snatch them and run – that won’t end well – so she befriends the au pair, she watches her and her routine, she observes the kids and tries to work out a more sensible kidnap plan this time. She takes the au pair’s phone as a way of guaranteeing to meet up with her again. She knows that she needs to stop her leaving the country and taking the children, so she’s going to need the passports. So she takes the phone and then arranges to meet up with them to return it, in which time Sienna manages to steal all of their passports.

Brody suggests having children with Sienna, how does she feel about that?

She actually gets really furious with him because she thinks that he’s trying to replace her twins by having another baby. She just can’t understand why he can’t get his head around how awful that is, she is already a mother and she deserves to be with her children. It ends badly, but then, to protect her plan, Sienna is forced to lie and say that she does want to start a family with Brody and that he was right about it being a good idea. It’s an awful situation where Brody is thrilled about them potentially starting a family and it’s heartbreaking for her to raise his hopes like that.

How would Sienna react if she found out the truth about Maxine faking her illness?

I think Sienna would be really upset with Maxine and shocked that she’s gone to such lengths. Sienna has really rallied around Maxine and she really cares about her – she’s her best friend, so she’s been heartbroken by this news and has been carrying that round with her, worrying about what would happen to Minnie, and seeing all the hurt that it’s caused Damon and Brody. I think Sienna would be furious to find out.

You’re involved in the new series of Free Rein on Netflix aren’t you?

Yea, I was really thrilled to be asked to go over and do Free Rein, which is also produced by Lime Pictures. I’d watched the first two series and I’m such a pony girl at heart that I loved it. If I was a teenager I would have been obsessed with that show, so to be asked to be a part of it was really lovely. I play a lady called Felicity, who is the ex-champion of the island where the show is set, so all the kids in the show know that she’s this really fabulous horse rider. She goes to help them to train and she is a judge at the final competition, where one of them gets selected for the under 18s team. It was really fun and I got to do some horse riding, which I’ve done since I was little, so I was absolutely in my element. Free Rein is out now and it’s all available on Netflix.

Hollyoaks continues on E4 at 7pm

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